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"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."
Confucius (via purplebuddhaproject)

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Baby fox I met today in the forest


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“I think she was afraid to love sometimes.  I think it scared her.  She was the type to like things that are concrete, like the ocean.  Something you can point to and know what it is, and I think that’s why she struggled with love.  She couldn’t touch it.  She couldn’t hold on to it and make sure it never changed.”


Midnight Kiss | PROPELLERS

So darling come on,
If you don’t sort out yourself, it will go so wrong.
You’re singing songs,
That have been underground for far too long.

I love this song it’s my anthem and makes me so so happy

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Second night camping spot. Somewhere near Wanaka, New Zealand

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☀Nature, Pagan, Adventure☀

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I was too lazy to get out of bed to take a picture of the sunrise but I got this

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Morten Rustad - Norway: A Timelapse Adventure | gif by FD

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Who’s Alex?
Billboard demonstrating gender stereotypes as most people automatically assume that Alex is the boy.